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The coolest fan-shaped sliding carbon alloy anti-theft security wallet


The distinctive feature of the wallet is its magnetic mechanism.

With a simple movement of the hand, the cards come out like a pack of cards and are easy to retrieve.

The wallet is very light thanks to its special aluminum alloy but, at the same time, it is resistant to corrosion and carefully tested against impacts.

Money clip, sliding box, blocked rfid and tracked tag in a perfect match between design and technology. 

Security of your credit cards is very important and for this reason, we have made it immune to all RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) attacks.

The wallet is made of a particular Aluminum (Aluminum 606 T6) which offers RFID-skimming protection by blocking 100% of the signals.

Even the most modern thieves will not be able to steal your personal data anymore and you can finally walk without worrying about someone reading your data.

Thanks to the light and sound signal, you can easily find your Zeus Wallet when you leave it out of its place. Just activate the search function from your Smartphone and you will find it in a few moments.

Thanks to the easy free app available for IOS or Android, you can configure all the alarms you want in order to be notified every time you move away from your wallet.

You can receive automatic alerts when you move away from Zeus Wallet. Any distance between (2-8 m) can be specified for automatic alerts.

You do not have to worry if you do not remember the place where you left your Zeus wallet.

The smartphone automatically records its last position and will provide you with the information needed to start looking for it. 

If you forgot your phone somewhere, it will be easy to find it. Simply press the button embedded in the layer tag to immediately ring your phone.

However, if you want even more space and you also want to carry keys, coins, SD cards, or your business cards, you cannot miss the innovative sliding box layer, practical, thin but still very roomy.

The internal components will never break as it does not have any. The wallet is free of any type of mechanism subject to wear and thanks to its innovative magnetic closure, this wallet is guaranteed for life!